WYWH meaning in text

WYWH is an acronym or slang word used on the internet. WYWH stands for Wish You Were Here. It is used to express a strong desire to be with someone. It is usually used on the internet on digital communication channels. When the other person is miles apart from you, and you wish to be with them.

What does WYWH on Facebook?

As I mentioned, it is usually used on the internet, and WYWH means Wish you were here. So you can say this to your friends or your loved ones when you are missing them badly, but they are miles apart from you.


  1. Honey! We had a lot of fun last night…WYWH!
  2. You could come with us; we enjoyed it a lot here, WYWH!

What does WYWH on Instagram?

On Instagram, WYWH means Wish you were here. It has the same purpose and same meaning, no matter which platform. You can say to your friends or beloveds who are not by your side, but you are missing them badly.


  1. I am missing you badly… WYWH.
  2. You did not come with us, we are enjoying it here… WYWH