TTYL meaning in text


TTYL is a slang word, and it is used on internet communication channels for informal communication. It has become the most popular acronym for youngsters. You will mostly see this on social media platforms or in texts.
TTYL stands for TALK TO YOU LATER. When you want to end the conversation, then you say this to the other person. To say goodbye, you can use this slang word to shorten the speech and make text smaller.

What does TTYL mean on Facebook?

You will notice, these acronyms are specifically being used on Facebook and other social media platforms. It is used when you want to end the conversation. Informally, you can say TTYL means Talk to you later. Consider the below examples to understand the context and meaning.


  1. I have to do my homework ttyl.
  2. My mom is calling me. We are going to see Uncle Joe, ttyl!

What does TTYL mean on Instagram?

Instagram is another social media platform, and it provides the facility of commenting and texting as well. When you want to end the conversation with a friend, family, or any other beloved person, you can use this slang word. You can type ttyl in place of writing and talk to you later.


  1. Selena, I am not feeling well. I need some rest, ttyl!
  2. My car has stuck in the bushes. I have to do something immediately, ttyl!