POV meaning in text

When you are on the texting platform, you always look for shortcuts or short forms to make the conversation brief and concise. You do this when you are having an informal conversation. Informally, we use acronyms or slang words on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many others.

POV stands for Point Of View. This acronym is used in the conversation informally. When you are discussing something, you can use this slang word instead of writing all the words separately.

What does POV mean on Facebook?

On Facebook, it has the same meaning. POV is used as a short form for point of view. Well, you will hardly see someone speaking this because people use it in texts.


  1. Your POV may be different from me but it doesn’t mean we will fight with each other.
  2. In my POV, he has done wrong to her.

What does POV mean on Instagram?

Instagram is another social media platform. This acronym has the same meaning on Instagram. POV can be used in place on POINT OF VIEW. You will see this on other social media platforms, in text messages, comments, or tweets, etc. acronyms have become the major part in digital informal conversations.


  1. In my POV, you should not go there.
  2. I just shared my POV, rest is your choice.