LOL meaning in text

Now, it is the most common acronym or slang word, and people even speak it in informal conversations. LOL stands for LAUGH OUT LOUD or Laughing Out Loud.
You can use this acronym to respond to something funny stuff. If you find something funny or ridiculous, then you can type LOL in place of this writing the full form. You can also add laughing emojis to enhance the impact of this acronym.

What does LOL mean on Facebook?

Acronyms are made to use on social media specifically. So, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms. You would see this acronym on Facebook commonly. You can see the examples below to understand the meaning of LOL.


  1. This is ridiculous…LOL!
  2. LOL..! You’ve made a ridiculous meme.

What does LOL mean on Instagram?

Instagram is similar to Facebook up to some extent. It is used for the same purpose. You can use it to express laughter and respond to hilarious moments.


  1. Jane forgot his own birthday. LOL!
  2. Aliya slipped while rushing towards the fridge. LOL!