ILY meaning in text


Relationships incomplete without care and love, you like to express your love and care for your loved ones. When they are miles apart from you, then the only medium to stay connected with is electronic media. Electronic media has facilitated you with texting, and you can send text messages, send pictures, videos, or documents, etc.
Nevertheless, we like to share text messages but we can use acronyms or slang words to convey our message in a few characters. You can express your love just by typing three letters, ily instead of writing, I love you. You can also write ilysm for I love you so much, and ilym for I love you more.


  1. Hey Emily! When we are having a meetup? Ily
  2. Ilysm… take good care of yourself

What does ily mean on Facebook?

As you know, these slang words are commonly popular on Facebook, so you would be interested to know its meaning on Facebook.
Social media users use this acronym for the same purpose. You can write ily for expressing your feelings or affection for your beloveds. It’s a good way to express feelings in informal conversation instead of writing I love you.

What does ily mean on Instagram?

It is used for the same purpose on Instagram as well. Instagram is another social media platform with a large number of users.
It keeps the social links strong, no matter how the person is. You can easily have a chat, video chat, voice note, or share media as well. You can express your love by saying ily.