BTW meaning in text

When you are talking to your friend, abruptly something pops in your head and you ask them without thinking, waiting for a while. It’s quite fine in informal conversation when you are talking to your beloveds or friends. For asking something, irrelevant, or slightly different from the current conversation, you can ask or say by adding btw or by the way in the statements or questions. Let’s take a look at a few examples.


  1. Btw… you said you are moving to France. Why did you cancel your plan?
  2. Btw…I am not an emotional person. So forget about this agreement. You can’t make me an emotional fool.

What does btw mean of Facebook?

Well, if we chat about Facebook, then it has the same meaning. If you use it on Facebook, it will be understood as it is. You can use Btw instead of, by the way, it’s cool and casual too. When you are talking to your friend or commenting on each other’s posts, then you can use this acronym or slang words to pretend cool and shorten the speech.


  1. Btw… its quality is not as good as I was expecting.
  2. Btw…I want to go home, we will go to the park next Sunday.

What does btw mean of Instagram?

It has the same meaning on Instagram, as it has on Facebook. It is better to write slang words or acronyms instead of using the phrases, and nobody has that much enough time. As you know, btw stands for, by the way, so you can use it instead of writing the full phrase.


  1. You look pretty good but not smart btw.
  2. Btw…I was going to the nearest store. Do you want something?