BFF meaning in text


The most commonly used acronym or slang word, especially by girls. Whenever you came across a girls’ group photo, you might have seen BFF for sure. It’s a short form of best friend forever. Besties usually use this for each other. Take a look at a few examples, written below:


  1. We are going to wear the same dresses… We have the same choices, that’s why we are BFF.
  2. My friend’s mother is so caring and she loves me so much because we are BFF.

What does BFF mean on Facebook?

After having a chat with a best friend, some people share a few texts, screenshots on their walls, or in groups. It has the same meaning on Facebook.
Social media users usually use this acronym for their best friends. You can use this acronym to express your love, or calling your friend, you can simply write, BFF which means Best Friend Forever.


  1. I spent quality time with my BFF.
  2. Just back home after meeting my BFF.

What does BFF mean on Instagram?

As we mentioned above, BFF stands for best friends forever. Youngsters usually use it on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms. You can use it while commenting on your friend’s photos, chatting with friends, or you can put it in captions as well.


  1. My BFF is gorgeous.
  2. After a long time, finally, we are together, BFF..!