11 most common acronyms/slang words for Social Media

“Quoi de Neuf?” Did you understand what I said? Nay? Right, if you are not familiar with the term, how would you understand this? However, I just said what’s up in the French language. If you are an active user of social media, then you might have heard or seen some slang words or acronyms, but you didn’t understand what they mean? Take a look at this example

  1. TBH… she’s Lil bit clingy.
  2. OMG…! It’s too hot outside… We can’t go shopping today.
  3. Anna: Did you eat my chocolates?
  4. Emily: idk… I didn’t even know you had chocolates! :/

You might be Lil bit confused… oops…! LITTLE bit confused. So, these are the acronyms or slang words people habitually use on social media. If you don’t know the meaning of these words, then it is hard for you to understand the context of the conversation. Don’t worry! The meanings of these acronyms are just a scroll away. So keep scrolling, I mean keep reading.

Let’s start from tbh. It is the most common and most widely used acronym on Facebook and Instagram. You would have seen this before, and you will see this in the future as well, as long as you are a kind of active social media person.

The Internet has connected many people together. These people belong to different countries, areas, tribes, families, etc. As you know, people from different countries, tribes, or areas speak different languages to understand each other. Similarly, people on the internet speak different languages, but they use different acronyms. If you are an active social media user, then you must be familiar with certain acronyms being used on the internet. First of all, you need to know what acronyms are.

Acronyms are formed by initial letters of long phrases or words. You can use acronyms or slang words to shorten the speech. They are mostly being used in texting. You might have used one of the most broadly used acronyms, TBH. Tbh is being used by youngsters around the globe and one of the most common acronyms. Some questions might be popping in your head, so let’s end this confusion.

tbh meaning

Tbh meaning

Tbh is an acronym and it means To be Honest. This acronym is most popular on social media and usually being used by youngsters or teenagers. Whether it is a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, you will see this on a platform that involves chatting.

It is a gesture of frankness; it is not being spoken in business language or formal language. People use it informally. You might be using this acronym while chatting with your friends on social media platforms.

What does tbh mean?

On the internet, people use informal language with their friends or loved ones. We are discussing social media platforms. Usually, the informal language is used on social media platforms. So, they use acronyms to make the speech more precise. Tbh is one of the most common acronyms; it means to be honest.


  1. Tbh… Samsung’s new models of mobiles are incredible.
  2. Tbh… I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Tbh text meaning

Basically, tbh is used in texts, especially when you are talking to a friend or any other person informally. It’s an acronym, meaning to be honest. You can use this acronym instead of using this acronym.
It shortens the speech and saves you from typing a long-phrase, and you can convey your message by adding these three characters (tbh) instead of writing to be honest.


  1. TBH… it won’t take much time.
  2. We can’t go for a walk today, I’m dead tired today…TBH!

What does tbh mean on Facebook?

You typically see this on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, you would have joined different private, closed or public groups. Then you would have seen this at least once in a post “comment/like for a tbh”. If it’s this way, then another person is going to give you a compliment in return for that like/comment.
However, when you’re on messenger or leaving a comment on your friend’s post, then you can use tbh in the above context. It has two advantages; it will save your time (a few seconds for not writing a complete phrase) and keep other people busy in looking for its meaning (in case they don’t know)… LOL!
Oh! Another slang word/acronym right here, if you want to know what does LOL means, then keep reading!

What does tbh mean on Instagram?

Well, its purpose is the same on Instagram as it is used on Facebook. People can use it in their captions, while talking to someone on Instagram, or even writing comments on others’ posts. As you normally see pictures on Instagram, then you can use this for admiring your friends or your beloved’s pictures. Tbh will remain to be honest, no matter what platform you are using.


  1. Tbh… you’re looking gorgeous!
  2. Tbh… you’re getting smarter day by day… you’re slaying’ girl!

What does tbh mean in texting?

As a part of this digital age, you can understand the usage and benefits of texting. Especially, introverts will get this, how convenient it is, and most of us love doing this. But you can’t write long paragraphs or texts unless you are angry or too excited… LOL (keep reading to know its meaning, in case you don’t know).

So, we usually use slang words and acronyms to shorten the speech and make it simple. It saves your time as well. You can simply write tbh instead of writing to be honest. You can wrap up a phrase of ten characters in merely three characters. Epic! Right?

After this, you would be interested in learning new acronyms and slang words. So let’s get started!

These are normally used on different social media platforms while texting, commenting, etc.

1.  BTW – By the Way!

2.  ILY – I love you

3.  BFF – Best friend forever

4.  OMG – O my God

5.  LOL – laugh out loud

6.  TTYL – Talk to you later

7.  POV – Point of view

8.  NP – No problem

9.  OIC – Oh! I see

10.      WYWH- Wish You Were Here

11.           DIY – Do it yourself